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I jumped from the car and rushed as much as the house to be met by Angustia, and I requested her if she were unwell. She said, ‘No.’ I then came upon that the kids had been weeping as a result of they thought that I had come to take Angustia away. ‘We love her, Mr. Brown; we never had such a teacher.’ It was very sweet. There are nearly four hundred in that open-air Sunday college.” 1 In all of the world it will be impossible to search out extra fully consecrated lives than many of these Bible ladies and deaconesses. “One of our deaconesses acquired $50 from one of her correspondents within the States. Without a suggestion from us, she turned it throughout to the fund for building the brand new church in San Fernando.” And how they will gather money from others! “Inocencia,” writes Mrs. Housley, “has collected more money for her chapel than has ever been collected by any native pastor within the province. She has a talent for getting folks thinking about her work. She put up a pleasant chapel quickly and cheaply-even the Roman Catholics helped her with out pay.

The difficulty is to find leaders who can arrange and lead these individuals. In order to arrange Filipino leaders who can meet this need, the American Board has stationed one missionary in Silliman Institute to develop a Bible School in cooperation with the Presbyterian Mission, and has situated another man at Manila to teach in Union Theological Seminary. The Mission has established solely Evangelical Churches and the members have no idea that the missionaries are Congregationalists. It has issued an invite to all other missions to cooperate in Mindanao, offering they’ll adopt the policy of eliminating denominationalism. It hopes to make Mindanao the first union mission enterprise within the Philippines. The island is concerning the size of Maine, may be very mountainous, and as yet is crossed by no roads.

LAYMEN WHO HAVE MET THE TEST 281 those that curse them; yet, as one stands off and contemplates the Protestant churches, he sees that they’ve real reason to be grateful to their persecutors. They who handed through great tribulation have carried out much to provide to the Church its spirituality. Long earlier than the arrival of any Protestant missionaries the oppression of the traditional friars had ready the masses of the Filipinos for the Gospel. This is the rationale for the truth that “In the Iloilo district, earlier than our work had been in progress 9 months, a document signed by more than I3,ooo was brought to the missionaries stating that the signers had been Protestants and wished to be evangelized, organized, and protected as such.” 4 Instances of the fruits of historic tyranny may fill volumes. With the arrival of American control it was not to be anticipated that a despotism which had existed for centuries would loose its maintain with no wrestle.

In a sense a physician is injuring his own business when he stops the causes of sickness. No physician would consciously chorus from prophylactic measures for that selfish purpose, however when one runs towards all sorts of opposition from individuals who suppose their enterprise or private freedom is interfered with by precautionary measures, one loses his zeal much more quickly than though there have been large returns to be realized from stamping out disease. Especially is this true if one has little religion in the prospects of a thoroughgoing social and religious transformation. Free, pure, and clear elections shall be an incontrovertible proof of our capacity for an unbiased existence. MORAL REFORMS persons really feel that these outweigh all of the evils which arise from its abuse. It holds before the youth the perfect of excellent physical manhood.

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So expensive boys, please assist us to pray to God that he might soften the hearts of those boys, as we pray for it daily; for I am a boy, sixteen years of age, and want to assist my nation. “Victoriano Diamonon.” One want really feel no shock to study that this younger man wrote on “The Development of Self-Government within the Philippines” for his physician’s thesis, on the University of Iowa, and that he now occupies a position of trust within the Department of Justice at Manila, and is dean of the college of Philosophy and Literature within the University of Manila. The esteem during christianfilipina which the Central Philippine College is held is proven by the truth that in 1923 it announced the reward of PIo,oo0 made by the Lopez family of Iloilo for use for the development of a eating and social hall to be generally known as Lopez Memorial Building. This is perhaps the biggest single reward ever made by a Filipino for Protestant buildings. THE ASSOCIATION INSTITUTE The Young Men’s Christian Association opened a category in stenography in I915. PREPARING CHRISTIAN LEADERS 339 UNION THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Rev. George William Wright opened the Ellinwood Training Schools for the Presbyterians in I904.

THE QUESTION OF RELIGION IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS The most remote district in the Philippine Islands, in many respects, is the Cagayan Valley, in Northern Luzon. In Spanish instances this valley was under the entire sway of a gaggle of Spaniards who wielded the ability of life and death over the inhabitants. In I922 there came from this district fourteen petitions signed by several thousand individuals, asking for the introduction of religion in the public schools.

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Every other Mission within the Philippines ought to observe this instance. The Christian Mission has strongly emphasised social service. It has three hospitals and three fantastic concrete dormitories in Manila, Laoag, and Vigan. UNLOCKING THE FORBIDDEN BOOK 165 missionaries arrived, the youthful man was already preaching in seven different places. One of the followers of the elder Zamora, named Domingo Nocum, hid his beloved Testament underneath a bridge to be able to reserve it from the looking events; whereas a girl named Mrs. Pabalan used to close herself in her room and provides hours each day to the research of the Bible. An aged Filipino at Bukal, Tayabas, somehow received hold of a Bible in the course of the Spanish regime. Knowing that he was at risk of being discovered, he kept his beloved e-book buried in a field and skim it by candle-light at night.

The ancient edifice of benevolent autocracy was starting to tremble. Even then there were prophets who foresaw that Spain could not always get pleasure from her Eden, unmolested. ABUSES IN THE FRIAR SYSTEM From this point the plot thickens, and occasions transfer swiftly to their climax.

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138 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES gotten with their insufficient preparation will assuredly come out of the wilderness. Ere this e-book is a few years old some educated young Joshua may rise as much as take the place of de los Reyes, who is now rising old, and lead that church into the promised land-unless it ought to somehow merge into the larger Filipino Christian Church which is to be. Though one thing was mentioned of the lifetime of Isabelo de los Reyes in the last chapter we must here relate one other aspect of his interesting story as an explanation of his perspective towards Rome and Christianity generally.

They mentioned whether or not it might be sensible to show the catechism in schools run by the church but supported by the federal government, as though they would have an opportunity to decide the query.9 In level of reality, there was a lot friction between the American officers and the friars, who were continuously making inconceivable calls for. They needed to be protected as they returned to the garrisoned cities, and to friar lands, and wrote most bitterly when their request was declined. But all these evidences of American independence have been fastidiously hid by the friars from public attention. On the opposite hand, the information was spread so far as the brokers of the orders may unfold it that the papal delegate had been given a reception by the American officers with the friar archbishop and other friars present. Anxious petitions have been sent to General McArthur not to return the Spanish clergymen to the cities which had been being garrisoned by American troopers, and General McArthur replied by sending the proclamation of President McKinley granting complete religious freedom to the Islands. It is attribute of diplomats in a democracy to endeavor if attainable to please everyone, with out promising too much to anybody.

But this substitution of 1 international priesthood by another was precisely what the Filipinos didn’t want. The Filipino monks wished ecclesiastical independence as ardently as their parishioners needed political freedom.

In the current regime something over Io% receive such daily instruction. So far as statistics show, there isn’t a provision for the every day spiritual instruction of 89% of the students of the Philippines. One must ask, in all seriousness, what will be the internet result of this failure to provide any real religious training to four fifths of the youth of the Philippines?

An enumeration of those establishments will reveal their variety. In Manila The Columbia Club, with excellent gymnasium for foreigners St. Luke’s Hospital and Dispensary, utilized by foreigners greater than another Hospital. St. Luke’s Nurses Training School House of the Holy Child, for American mestiza Girls. “Few males,” says an appreciative missionary, “have been a greater help in Albay than this knight of the Word.” In Panay, a Spanish priest, whom the people all affectionately known as Padre Juan, had been so liberalized by studying the Bible that he refused to say Mass, for he believed that Christ on Calvary had made all the sacrifice necessary. Hated by the upper classes and by his fellow clergymen, Padre Juan was so idolized by the common folks that no person dared to take away or denounce him. He ready his followers for the evangelical religion all through the part the place Ilongo is spoken.four It will be remembered that one of the three priests who have been martyred in 1872 was named Jacinto Zamora, and that it later transpired that Zamora was wholly harmless. The Zamora household was terribly embittered in opposition to the friars by this injustice notwithstanding the foundations of the church, Sefior Paulino Zamora, nephew of Jacinto, secured a copy of the Bible from a sea captain, and shortly turned a Protestant with all the hearth of his earnest soul.

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